Burned out Juicer


A young Elf woman (with Human looking ears), once quite pretty, but with beauty marred by a hard life and many scars, both physical and emotional. By the end of her life, Liz was riddled with insanities and mental aberrations, the result of several years of nearly nonstop bloody combat and death, as well as extra designer drugs made to enhance the user in combat…pushing her performance beyond what was intended for a normal Juicer conversion. She died quickly compared to many of her kind.


Born to an Elven prostitute in the former city of Chaos, Liz was abandoned while still very young, and had to learn to steal and fight just to survive. She was quite pretty back then, but whatever lenience the denizens of the street may have afforded her for her looks was often cast aside as members of her race were seen as snobby do-gooders in the streets of that hellish city. Before long, she had done many many things that she was not proud of, been used and used others, and often. She became quite good at theft, and as she grew she became a mercenary, after getting her hands on some light MDC weapons and armor. This was short lived, as she never made quite enough credits to get ahead, and would often resort to crime to supplement her income and stockpile of equipment. One of the first things she did when she had enough money was to have her ears cosmetically altered so as to look Human. To her triumph, she began to get more work, and saved each credit, until finally she could afford a Juicer conversion. She had watched Juicers in Chaos, and felt that nobody would be able to abuse or take advantage of her again if she could become one of them. She succeeded, and survived the process.

As time went on, Liz became a mercenary and thief of some renown; enough that she had to leave the Magic Zone for fear of retribution. She traveled to the Pecos Empire for a time, but quickly lost her taste for the bandit lifestyle when they murdered some innocents for their valuables, something she would not do herself. She decided to leave the Old American Empire entirely, traveling south to the Rio Grande and the city of Cuidad Juarez. There, she did quite well as a mercenary, until a bout with some bad Juicer drugs she obtained caused her to have an episode; in the midst of a near overdose, she accidentally killed several innocent townsfolk. She was put into the city prison and was awaiting her trial and execution, when she met a fellow prisoner, Fluce.

Fluce made a mockery of his imprisonment, and alluded to the fact that he allowed himself to be captured for fun. As reckless and as big of a maniac as he was, he facilitated Liz’ escape as well, so in return she followed him and Mia as another gun when they fled Juarez, eventually meeting Lokan and others who would later be known as The Brood. Strangely, the one person that Liz really hit it off with was the moronic hulk Chuhck. His strength and fearlessness were appreciated by all, but he was often considered uncontrollable and a liability. Liz felt a kinship to him because of the very shortcomings that caused others to keep their distance. Years later, the two left The Brood together, doing jobs across the wastes of Mexico, until one day… Liz dropped dead in the sand. One of the few things Chuhck did somewhat comprehend in his own way was the concept of death- when creatures never get up again. After two days of stubborn waiting, he finally wandered off, confused and sad with just a glimmer of understanding that he had lost his only true friend.


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