Gargoyle. Mage. Gambler. Hunter. Dead guy.


A gargoyle mage of some small wealth and renown in Atlantis.


Once a known player in the Arena of Splynn, Gruz eventually retired and began collecting, managing and gambling on (or against) arena combatants and slaves. This kept on quite profitably for him for many years until he bet against the wrong warrior: Naraka.

In a classic hustle, Naraka fought in the Arena of Splynn many times, each time allowing himself to use only a fraction of his power. After losing a lot of money and even slaves to Naraka, who took them into his service rather than killing them, Gruz aired his grievances publicly- and Naraka challenged him. Gruz accepted to save face, and was trounced by Naraka who suddenly unleashed his full power, transforming into an elemental animus. He spared Gruz’ life, but claimed all of the belongings and slaves he had on him at the time.

Gruz retired from the arena business and decided to enjoy the rest of his retirement as a hunter, tracking and capturing slaves and game in The Preserves to re-sell or claim rewards for back in the cities. His most recent quarry happened to be protected by a group of powerful Godlings who slew him and claimed his manse in Splynn as their reward.


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