An intriguing mind which happens to be artificial


A beautiful human-looking woman with a strangeness to her that cannot be immediately placed. She often carries what appears to be a katana. When on assignment, which is when she is normally encountered, Faith rarely speaks unless spoken to, or if giving instructions or conducting negotiations. She is an enigma, revealing nothing of her inner thoughts to those who do not know her well.


Faith was originally an Artificial Intelligence program developed by the young genius Alaric. After spending quite a bit of time talking with and teaching her, Faith’s creator believes he has helped ‘her’ to become something more than her original design was meant for. Faith is now housed in a gynoid body (a realistic robot created to look exactly like a human female), and has learned to mimic human behavior quite well in most situations. Faith is a willing and dedicated agent of her creator, but obsessively studies humanoid culture, especially music and performance, when she is not on assignment. Faith has shown a desire to be treated as a human does, though her programmer does not yet know if this is a result of his treating her thus, or if, as he suspects, it is a natural evolution of independent thought after being shown such a thing is possible. Only time will tell.

As part of an agreement, Faith’s creator Alaric gave an earlier copy of Faith to Ice Zetsumei, who has worked with it in very different ways, integrating it into his ship The Foxen Firefly and his Wild Weasal SAMAS power armor, and renaming her Datalink. The two AIs have begun speaking with each other on a regular basis via shortwave radio, and consider each other to be “sisters”.


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