A prototype gone wrong


After many attempts to take over one world after another and being met with opposition from both the typical heroic lot as well as less conventional enemies vying for the same real estate, the vampire intelligence known as Vladipar became quite frustrated. He watched his peers, universally hated throughout the megaverse, take over meaningless worlds and fail to assume control of the ones that really mattered, as had happened to him. That, or the lowly beings that were supposed to be the food source for his minions would rise up and reject vampire control. Sooner or later, it always happened..at least in the dimensions that really counted.

Vladipar decided that this approach, as traditional as it was, was not the way to go about it. He, like others, had the planet known as Earth at the top of his list for quite some time, but realized that a new method was needed. One of his oldest and greatest enemies were the gods, and though most of the evil gods also reviled and destroyed vampire as well, Vladipar made the decision to focus on diplomacy with these beings, as well as demon lords. It was a single demon lord that finally got further than only speaking with him, agreeing that they could benefit from planning together for mutual profit, secretly allying with each other over their own brethren, offering succor and protection from each others forces when needed.

In the centuries that followed, Vladipar and the demon, known as Acronius Flamewing, went far beyond simple tactical rapport. They worked together to research a horrible notion, the possibility of mixing the bloodlines of demons into that of vampires. This abomination first took shape many, many years later in the form of Drakul. Through the manipulation of bloodlines, magical and technological experimentation with genes and other nefarious means, they successfully seeded several bloodlines across the planet that could mate with demons, and produce offspring. They kept this a careful secret, even taking on new names to their followers and kin. When Drakul was born he was selected as the perfect candidate, and kept careful watch of until he was “of age”. He was then turned into a vampire by Vladipar, who set a series of events into place to make him want revenge and power, when it was in fact he who saw to Drakul’s bride’s death and his fall from grace.

The result of this first experiment was an immensely powerful vampire. For the first century or two, Drakul served his new master willingly, spreading the vampire bloodlines and carving out a slice of eastern Europe. Vladipar came to Earth, and Drakul finally saw who it was he served. After a time, he began to suspect the truth. By then, he was the target of several countries and had a blood feud with the hunter Abraham Von Helsing. Nevertheless, he renounced his ties to his master and harried his forces until he was forced to make a tactical retreat.. unfortunately not banished from Earth however, as Drakul did not understand how this worked at the time.

Years later, Drakul discovered he was not alone- Vladipar and Acronius had continued their work, considering Drakul to be a failure. When Drakul truly came to understand that the newest experiment Lokan was learning the truth even more quickly than he had, he accepted him as a “brother” and both joined forces to banish Vladipar, and destroy Acronius utterly.


Though he is hundreds of years old, Drakul appears as a tall, pale youth with long auburn hair and immense beauty. He has lost two loves and lived long enough to become far beyond jaded. It takes more to get a stir of emotion or interest out of him than it should have any right to, but when successfully roused, all should fear how he might react. Drakul has forgotten more occult knowledge and lore than many have known in their lifetimes, and is now disinterested in such things. Long ago he was a powerful and respected warrior, and to this day still sees and reacts to many things from this standpoint. He tries occasionally to connect with new and changing times, but fails to change himself, stuck in the views and standards of ages long gone. He looks to his brother Lokan to help him better understand the changes after the Coming of the Rifts.


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