The Hulk of Throkkum


A brutish hulk from another dimension, Chuhck was strong and dim-witted even by the standards of his race and homeworld, Throkkum. Chuhck is bigger than a Human by a foot or two, and his oversized upper frame is much larger and bulkier as well, even to the point of being somewhat top heavy. His outline is very simian, and his brains follow suit.


On Throkkum, two races had developed into the primary societies on the planet, the Throkkum, and the Thwips. The Throkkum developed into large, bulky, brutal hunters with permanent settlements composed of rudimentary structures made from stone and wood, but with little to no education system, other than oral tradition, and a form of magic known as The Way of Wood and Stone, referred to as Stick Mages by the majority of the Throkkum.

The Thwips on the other hand, developed into a race of small, sleek and agile nomads, always the prey of the cannabalistic Throkkums, never able to settle in one place for long. They were much more intelligent than the Throkkums, but were unable to reason with their tormentors no matter how hard they tried.

Chuhck was the son of a Throkkum Chieftan, large and powerfully built, but with less going on upstairs than nearly any other member of their race. During a hunt against the Thwips, Chuhck was separated from the group and confronted by several Thwip Lightning Mages that lay in wait for an ambush. They were known for their powers to increase the speed and agility of others of their kind. This time they tried something different; a banishment spell. Chuhck was sent hurdling through the Megaverse to Rifts Earth, where he remained for several years, serving both the Heroes of Light and later Lokan and The Brood, who promised to help him get back home. This promise was not made good on until much later, by other people. In the meantime however, Chuhck was befriended by the Juicer Liz, who saw him as a misfit like herself.

Chuhck always carries Hathark, a powerful magical club he often refers to as his “stick”; Chuhck often identifies items and creatures by how closely their shape resembles a rock or stick. In a moment of classic badassery, Chuhck attacked a Splugorth Slaver Barge with Hathark, declaring “Chuhck hit big rock with stick” before annihilating the vessel with a single blow. He now insists on wearing the great eye from this barge on a belt he made, despite the protests of others around him.


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