Camilla Banderez

Was it murder, or was she already dead?


The Child Vampire, The Little Devil, Daughter of Lokan


A tragic figure from Lokan’s past. He called her his “daughter”, though it was clear that she was not, at least in a biological sense. Jaded and twisted, this child vampire evoked revulsion in decent and moral folk, a reaction she grew to enjoy. She delighted in evil acts, which became a growing problem as she stalked and tormented those she thought wouldn’t be missed, leading many to question why Lokan would turn a blind eye when he normally found such things distasteful, and to wonder if guilt was the real reason he kept her from true death.

Camilla was finally killed by Growlich Nightpaw when she happened upon his scheme to plunder the treasure room in Lokan’s Dimensional Pyramid.

Camilla Banderez

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