Gypsy Wizard Thief with divine origins


He’s a Gypsy, so travelling is in his nature. His “family” among the Gypsies had crossed much of Russia, and picked up a young woman who appeared in dire need. She was with a young boy, and so they took them both in. Alexi grew up among the gypsies, and quickly acclimated to their ways. He was strong boy, clever and bright. He picked up magic nearly instantly, and soon began training under the soothsayers and the tricksters in the camp. His mother, however, was never very close to anyone other than him. She seemed distant, and generally distraught. As if a great wound had been dealt to her, and she was never able to fully recover. A few short years after joining the troupe, she died.

The troupe crossed paths with a Bogatir (I’m playing from memory here, and don’t specifically remember the spelling), with unfortunate timing. As the camp was settling down for the night, the sounds of demonic screams and warfare echoed through the trees. With that short notice, a band of demons burst through the trees. In their midst was a whirlwind of blade and hammer. The bogatir handled himself with aplomb, but it was clear he could not survive the fight unaided. And so, the gypsies went to work. They made short order of the demons, but in the struggle Alexi’s mother numbered among the dead. The secret of her longing, and Alexi’s true parentage, going to the grave with her.

As the troupe continued to travel across the lands of Russia, they encountered many strange things, and Alexi’s power grew. He was strong and quick, and delighted in the ability to trick people. He preferred the round-about-way. Using illusion, teleportation, and trickery to win the day. And so, when he chanced across a band of monks making their own sojurn through the country-side, he accepted their offer to join with them. They taught him the ways of (I’m thinking Aikido right now, but may change that as I re-read Ninjas and Super-Spies).

It was his years with the monks that he learned of his true identity. Dazhbog appeared to him one night, raising his head from the stones at Alexi’s feet. Dazhbog explained the story of him and Alexi’s mother, and offered Alexi the opportunity to spend one year with the God. Not to pass up an opportunity for adventure, Alexi agreed. He learned to use his fledgling god-like powers, and sooner than he would have liked, the year was complete.

When Naraka (Ian and I briefly talked about this as a possibility, but it’s not set in stone) appears in Russia, Alexi once again saw the opportunity to seek out new adventures. And this, dear reader, is how Alexi the Gypsy Wizard Thief Demigod arrives in Hope.


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