Greater Rune Weapon

weapon (melee)

Carried by Chuhck.

This greater rune weapon is quite simple looking as these rare items go, but is powerful and potent. It has no spell abilities and no power to drain souls, but it’s raw destructive abilities more than make up for these shortcomings.


Made of mottled grey stone
Lined from tip to handle with softly glowing red runes
+1 to all Saving Throws
Parry high-speed attacks with a 4 point penalty reduction
IQ 15 – Selfish Alignment

Damage: 1D10 – When a 10 is rolled another 1D10 of damage may be added. This continues for each 10 rolled.

Hathark is nearly weightless, strikes and parries with a +1, and improves the wielder’s critical hit threshold by 1.


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