Harp of Ma'at

A magical harp fashioned by a god

musical instrument

Carried by Cleo of Ma’Ip

M.D.C.: 250 – The harp takes half damage from all non-magical sources (magic weapons do full damage).
P.P.E.: 200 – Only usable for item abilities. The P.P.E. can only be refilled by a magician channeling P.P.E. from a leyline.

A harp created by the god Ma’at thousands of years ago, and thoughtlessly discarded by her long ago. Isis presented this to Cleo on her and Kraig of Ma’Ip‘s birthday. The harp itself is made from cedar, and has the traditional bow-shape, as well as the full 22 strings of later Egyptian design. It is quite simple in design, with rudimentary staining and scroll work on the wood, a few ostrich feathers hanging off of the bottom, and the usual lack of a fore pillar to support the neck. Ma’at created this harp to double as a bow, and instilled it with some of her powers of balance. The harp must be played skillfully to use any of it’s powers, including the bow’s sonic arrows (normal arrows can be used normally) – the character must have the appropriate musical instrument skill, and a check must be made with it at the beginning of each action, after declaring the power to be used. The harp is a bit non-standard, and a -5% is applied to instrument skill checks due to it’s slightly odd design. A failed roll means the harp’s powers cannot be used at all that action, and furthermore no action other than 1/2 speed movement and struggling with the harp strings can be done after the attempt. See below for more on failures.

1. Bow: Can be used as a bow by using the harp strings as bow strings. If using a physical arrow, double the normal range of a longbow with strength modifiers, and add in the PS Damage Bonus against single targets (not on arrows that do AoE damage). If an arrow is not used, the harp can shoot translucent arrows of sonic energy at normal longbow range at two targets at a time (separate Strike rolls). These sonic arrows are +1 to Strike and do 2D8 S.D.C. or M.D.C. (no strength bonus). These sonic blasts bypass armor unless it is environmentally sealed (most modern suits of armor over 75 M.D.C. are).

2. Songs: The Harp of Ma’at can be used to play three special songs with magical effects in a 50 foot radius around the instrument itself. The songs must be known and are not used instinctively. There may or may not be other sounds or songs that can be channeled through the harp out there. When playing the harp (using any ability except normal arrows), the player can only move at half speed. When firing normal arrows, moving faster than half speed results in a Wild Shot. The Song of Balance may not be used when the musician is silenced, and none of the songs nor the sonic arrows may pass through silenced areas. Harp songs bypass non-environmental armor. Song effects continue as long as the song is played. Song of Harmony and Song of Discord have no effect on their targets if they cannot be heard.

Song of Harmony – For 10 P.P.E., an effect can be extended in a 50 foot radius around the player. When activated, all friendly targets within range become subtly connected to their teammates, and synergy occurs more easily between them. When two or more allies (not including the musician) working toward the same goal are within the radius while this song is being played, they enjoy the following bonuses: +2 Initiative, +1 Attack/Action, +1 to all combat moves, +5% on skill performance.

Song of Discord – For 10 P.P.E., an effect can be extended in a 50 foot radius around the player. When activated, all unfriendly targets within range become subtly disconnected from their teammates, and confusion occurs more easily between them. When two or more enemies working toward the same goal are within the radius while this song is being played, they receive the following penalties: Dazed and confused- 25% chance of spell casting failure, speed is halved, skills are performed at half proficiency. Speech is slow, communication must be louder and takes twice as long. Victims must Save Vs. Magic or lose Initiative, one Attack/Action, are -1 to Saving Throws and Maintain Balance and Sense of Balance cannot be used.

Song of Balance – For 20 P.P.E., an effect can be extended in a 50 foot radius around the player. When activated, the player must sing the Song of Balance. A failed Sing skill check results in a total failure and a loss of the 20 P.P.E. activation cost. The usual musical instrument skill check must also be made. If all is successful, living, dead and undead enemy targets within the radius suffer 3D12 S.D.C. or M.D. in magical sonic damage. Living friendly targets are healed by 3D12 S.D.C. or M.D.C.

Lingering Melody: After Song of Harmony or Song of Discord stop being played, their effects continue until the end of the current melee round. Effects can be cumulative between these two songs, but you cannot stack multiple bonuses or penalties from the same song by restarting it. NONE of the three songs affect the musician! Targets do not have to be within line of sight, only within range and must be able to hear them. Note – While Song of Harmony and Song of Discord are being played, an instrument skill check must be made by the musician each Action. A failure means all bonuses and penalties from one or both songs end, and Lingering Melody immediately ends. Attack/Action gains and losses are immediate, and are not affected by this as long as the initial skill check was made successfully.


Harp of Ma'at

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