Darkheart Star

A large star shaped red crystal with an inner glow


Previously held by Fluce. A beautiful stone of red colour, most recently in the posession of Fluce. It appeared to have incredible power, surrounding and transforming the weilder into a juggernaut of destruction, able to withstand thousands of MDC, fire energy bolts, regenerate damage and heal themselves with any incoming energy attacks. It was presumed destroyed when Fluce was killed.


Unbeknownst to many, this stone has a long history. Created by an unknown sorcerer, it was placed in the roots of a Millenium Tree, leaching power from it over decades. When it was found later, it seemed to drive those who posessed it mad, drunk with power and prone toward evil action. It was liberated from one person after another, then quietly stolen by the demon Fluce, who used it to confront more powerful demons than himself, and finally to fight off The Exiles and The Dark Brood, who invaded his realm in Kurnugi.

Darkheart Star

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