weapon (melee)

Greatest Rune Weapon: Vortaxian Darkflame

Alignment: Aberrant (may be wielded by any Incarnate)

Independent personality, I.Q. 17

Indestructible – Never dulls, dents or breaks

Saving Throw Bonus: +1 to all Saving Throws while on the wielder’s person

Drinker of Souls: 3 times a day; double damage to most targets (triple to creatures of magic)

Spell Magic: Can cast the following Invocation spells up to three times a day – Fireball, Fire Bolt, Friction,

Dragon Fire, Resist Cold, Fire Blossom

Breath Attack: Can shoot a six foot wide spray of flame up to 150 feet; 5D6 M.D. Can be used up to 4

times a melee.

Damage: 1D4x10+10 M.D.


A serrated longsword of dark grey metal, covered from tip to handle in brightly glowing orange runes. This blade contains the soul of an adult Fire Dragon, a former servant of The Cult of Lictalon. He voluntarily gave himself to create this blade, placed into the tomb of Jargo De La Rouche to be at his side when he awakened once more.

Currently carried by Jargo.


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