Codex of Infinite Sorrow

This creepy looking tome is bound in a strange leather, and inscribed with an odd, softly glowing symbol on the lower corner of each of it’s pages.


Within these pages are several documents; the first half of the book is an autobiography, written by Abraham Von Helsing. It is written in a sweeping German script. Readers who are literate in Euro can attempt to read it at -25%.

In it’s pages are a detailed account of his life as a man, a doctor and scholar, his discovery and study of the undead, his struggles with Drakul and his minions, the murder of his wife and children, and his eventual fall into madness as he obsessed over finding the means to prolong his life through the occult. It continues into his final acceptance of a being called ‘Vladipar’’s gift of vampirism, a desperate and insane man’s last hope of revenge.

After this are several other sections:

-A detailed history of Von Helsing’s experience and knowledge with the undead. The book can be used independently as a Lore: Undead skill at 55% proficiency, or Lore: Demon & Monster at 45% proficiency. It can also be used to train for these skills.

-A detailed description of the training necessary to prepare for encounters with the undead. Can be used to fully train for the Undead Hunter O.C.C. from Palladium Fantasy’s Yin-Sloth Jungles book, as well as the Vampire Hunter O.C.C. from the coming Vampire Kingdoms new edition.

-The schematics for several Techno-wizardry devices for vampire combat, as well schematics and instructions for a very strange device that appears to be some kind of power armor or robot. It is incredibly complex and not immediately understandable by a low level Techno Wizard. This portion is written in Dragonese.


This book was penned by Abraham Von Helsing over the course of his life, with collaborative work in it from other sources. Wishing for his own death, Von Helsing gave this tome to Alaric in the hopes that he would use the knowledge to further the cause of battling the undead on Rifts Earth after his passing, continuing his centuries long vigil and leaving a lasting legacy behind.

Codex of Infinite Sorrow

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