Bizarre Staff

tentacle staff from the Jargo fight


Held by Lornas

Damage: 1D4+1D6+1D8+1D10+1D12 M.D.
M.D.C.: 250
Disarm +2
Entangle +2
Supernatural P.S.: 30 for gripping, locking and holding.

Not all of the auras on this item are revealed. This weapon was crafted
with living organic matter from an unknown source, moulded and shaped while
enchanted in what must have been a terrible and difficult ritual. A single
black tentacle, cut at the item’s base, serves as the main part of the
staff. At the top it branches out into five smaller tentacles, each bigger
and longer than the last, forming a spiral of sorts. The tentacles at the
top are constantly reaching and attempting to grip, tear and whip anything
they can reach with surprisingly tremendous force. The item has an evil air
about it.


Bizarre Staff

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