The Doctor

"Hello, I'm The Doctor!"


The last of the Time Lords. Appears to be Human, an attractive male with short brown hair, fond of wearing pin-striped suits and occasionally wearing glasses (though they are not needed).

Little is known of this madman in a blue box; he randomly appeared in Hope and before anyone could really understand how or why, somehow convinced a group of strangers to work together to fight the forces of evil and prevent “a dark future”, sweeping them off into high adventure…and incredible danger.


Name: The Doctor
Race: Gallifreyan
Alignment: Principled with Scrupulous tendencies
O.C.C. / R.C.C.: Time Lord
Level of Experience: 10th

Horror Factor: 16 Awe, if Time Lords are known
Gender: M Height: 6’1 Weight: 187.5 lbs Age: 906

Disposition: Optimistic, Spontaneous, Witty


I.Q. : 37 Bonus to Skills: +18%, +3 Save Vs. Illusion
M.E. : 33 Bonus to Save Vs. Psionics: +8; Save Vs. Insanity: +13; Save Vs. Possession: +1
M.A. : 32 Trust / Intimidate ability: 97%; Select Skill Bonuses
P.S. : 14 Hand to Hand Damage Bonus:
P.P. : 19 Bonus to Strike, Parry, Dodge: +2
P.E. : 21 Save Vs. Coma / Death: +12% Save Vs. Poison / Magic: +3
P.B. : 17 Charm / Impress ability: 35%
Spd. : 29 Meters per minute: Mph: Flying:

H.P. : +3, +8, +1
S.D.C. :
M.D.C. :
P.P.E. :
I.S.P. :

Hand to Hand Combat
Style : Venusian Aikido (Basic)
Actions : 6
Initiative :
Strike : +3
Parry : +5
Dodge : +5
Damage : +2
Roll w/ Impact : +5
Pull Punch : +5
Knockout :
Critical Strike : 19
Deathblow :

Combat Moves: Punch, Elbow, Kick, Knee, Disarm, Dodge, Entangle, Body Block/Tackle, Body Flip/Throw, Roll With Impact, Parry, Power Punch, Pull Punch, Kick Attack (1D8), Automatic Venusian Aikido-Style Body Flip/Throw +5 (1D6 Lose Initiative & 1 Attack), Automatic Venusian-Aikido-Style Joint Locks +2 (Permanent paralysis in 1 Melee Round)

Other Bonuses: +2 Disarm, +2 Kick Damage, +1 Strike & Parry with Sword or Dagger, +1D6 Damage with Sword

Saving Throws
Save Vs. Spells : 9
Save Vs. Rituals : 13
Save Vs. Psionics : 2
Save Vs. Lethal Poison : 6
Save Vs. Non-L. Poison : 8
Save Vs. Harmful Drugs : 7
Save Vs. Insanity : -1
Save Vs. Horror Factor : +2
Save Vs. Coma/Death : +12%

Other Saving Throw Bonuses: +3 Save Vs. Illusion, +1 Save Vs. Possession

Obsession: Humans

Natural Abilities / Powers / Vulnerabilities
Supernatural Attributes
Time Lord Regeneration
Metabolic Efficiency: +5 to Save Vs. Poisons, Toxins, Harmful Drugs
Speaks and understands all languages
Can perfectly communicate with animals and infants through telepathy & empathy
Can use Techno-Wizardry devices as long as magic or P.P.E. is not the only requirement
Can automatically break glass with high-pitched sounds
Racial Bonus: +2 Perception, +2 Save Vs. Horror Factor
Sense of Balance 98%


Gallifreyan 116% Dance

Literacy: Gallifreyan 108% Play Musical Instrument (Recorder)

Lore: Psychic 93% Wardrobe & Grooming

O.C.C. SKILLS Pick Locks

Optic Systems 103% Pick Pockets

Sensory Equipment 103% Wilderness Survival

Electrical Engineer 108% Juggling

Mechanical Engineer 98% Running

Bioware Mechanics 103% Prowl

Pilot: Spacecraft General Aerobic Athletics

Pilot: Starship Athletics (General)

Pilot: Star Fighter Climbing

Navigation Fencing

Anthropology Swimming

Archaeology Public Speaking

Astronomy & Navigation Gambling (Standard)

Astrophysics Calligraphy

Mathematics: Advanced History: Doctor Who Universe

Xenology Mythology

Computer Operation Philosophy

Computer Programming W.P. Sword

Jury-Rig W.P. Grappling Hook

Law: Gallifreyan 113% W.P. Targeting


Cryptography Psychology

Laser Communications Weapon Systems

Performance Computer Hacking

Cybernetic Medicine Biology

Radio: Basic Botany

Surveillance Chemistry

T.V. Video Chemistry: Analytical

Computer Repair Zoology

Electricity Generation Research

Robot Electronics Identify Plants & Fruits

Aircraft Mechanics Medical Doctor

Automotive Mechanics Pathology

Robot Mechanics I.D. Undercover Agent

Detect Concealment

Weapons Engineer

Entomological Medicine




Deaden Pain 4 *Electrokinesis (varies)
Detect Psionics 6 Group Trance 15
*Exorcism 10 Hypnotic Suggestion 6
*Increased Healing 10 Mind Block Auto-Defense (special)
Induce Sleep 4 Mind Bond 10
Meditation 0 Mind Wipe (special)
*Psychic Diagnosis 4 #Psionic Invisibility 10
Resist Fatigue 4 Telemechanics 10
Restore P.P.E. 4+ *Telemechanic Mental Operation 12
*Stop Bleeding 4 *Telemechanic Paralysis 20
Suppress Fear 8 *Telemechanic Possession 50

#Deaden Senses 4
Meditation 0
Mind Block 4
Resist Fatigue 4
Resist Hunger 2
Resist Thirst 6
Summon Inner Strength 4
*Telekinesis (varies)

Clairvoyance 4
*Commune with Spirits 6
Empathy 4
*Intuitive Combat 10
*Machine Ghost 12
Meditation 0
Mind Block 4
*Object Read 6
*Presence Sense 4
*Read Dimensional Portal 6
*See Aura 6
*See the Invisible 4
Sense Dimensional Anomaly 4
*Sense Evil 2
Sense Time 2
Sixth Sense 2
Speed Reading 2
Telepathy 4
Total Recall 2

Note – All powers listed with an asterix (*) must be channeled through The Sonic Screwdriver. All powers listed with a crosshatch (#) must be channeled through a Tardis Key or other perception filter.

The Doctor

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