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Name: Anna “Tazanna” Kazinsky Race: Human
Alignment: Scrupulous Horror Factor: None
Gender: Female Height: 5’9" Weight: 136 Age: 21

Description: A strikingly beautiful young woman with black hair and blue eyes. She comes across as whimsical at times, but dark and intense at others. She has a great love for performance, but this takes a back seat to her obsessive interest in the occult and her tireless pursuit of justice.

Disposition: Playful, Exuberant, Intense

O.C.C. / R.C.C.: Mystic Study / Stage Magician hybrid (counts as Mystic Study)
Level of Experience: 2

I.Q. : 14 Bonus to Skills:
M.E. : 14 Bonus to Save Vs. Psionics / Insanity:
M.A. : 24 Trust / Intimidate ability:
P.S. : 12 Hand to Hand Damage Bonus:
P.P. : 24 Bonus to Strike, Parry, Dodge:
P.E. : 16 Save Vs. Coma / Death: Save Vs. Poison / Magic:
P.B. : 24 Charm / Impress ability:
Spd. : 24 Meters per minute: Mph: Flying:

H.P. :
S.D.C. : 30 +7 +10 +5
M.D.C. :
P.P.E. :
I.S.P. :

Hand to Hand Combat
Style : Basic
Actions : 4 (5 Thrown)
Initiative :
Strike :
Parry : +1+1
Damage :
Dodge : +1
Roll w/ Impact : +2 +1
Pull Punch :
Knockout :
Critical Strike :
Deathblow :

Other Bonuses: +1 to Strike with Thrown weapons

Combat Moves:

Saving Throws
Save Vs. Spells : +2
Save Vs. Rituals : +2
Save Vs. Psionics : 15
Save Vs. Toxins/Poison :
Save Vs. Harmful Drugs :
Save Vs. Insanity :
Save Vs. Horror Factor : +2
Save Vs. Coma/Death :

Other Saving Throw Bonuses: +1 to Save Vs. Possession


Natural Abilities / Powers / Vulnerabilities:
Spells & Ritual Magic
Sense Enchantment 62% / 90’ Range
Sense Magic 4 P.P.E. / 120’ Diameter
Sleight of Hand Escape bonds & pick locks by touch or sound as well as sight.
Contortionist Can fold into a two foot ball and flatten self to four inches.
Juggler 60% / 7 Objects


Pilot: Automobile +10
Pilot: Motorcycle +15
Mathematics: Basic +30
English +25
Literacy: English +20
Russian +15
Card Sharp +30 +4
Concealment +30
Palming +30
Pick Locks +20
Pick Pockets +20 +5
Seduction +10 +4 +3
Ventriloquism +10
Dance +10
Disguise +20
Escape Artist +25 +5
Imitate Voices / Impersonation +15
T.V. & Video +15
Surveillance Systems +10
Chemistry +10

9 skills
W.P. Knife
W.P. Small Thrown Weapons
W.P. Targeting
Hand to Hand: Basic
Body Building & Weight Lifting


Decipher Magic
See The Invisible
Death Trance
See Aura

Extinguish Fire
Mystic Alarm
Fear/Horror Factor

Armor of Ithan
Breath Without Air
Energy Bolt
Fingers of the Wind
Paralysis: Lesser
Negate Toxin

Carpet of Adhesion
Charismatic Aura
Energy Field
Multiple Image
Magic Net

Circle of Flame
Energy Disruption
Eyes of Thoth
Heal Wounds
Size of the Behemoth

Animate Object
Call Lightning
Impervious to Energy
Mask of Deceit
Memory Bank
Mystic Shield
Time Slip
Words of Truth

Dispel Magic Barriers
Fly as the Eagle
Globe of Silence
Heal Self
Invisibility: Superior
Invulnerability: Limited
Second Sight
Life Drain
Wind Rush
X-Ray Vision

Love Charm
Negate Magic
Sense Dimensional Anomoly

Speed of the Snail
Swords to Snakes

Dimensional Pocket
Metamorphosis: Superior
Mystic Portal






Born Anna Kazinsky, the daughter of a Russian / Armenian immigrant family with a long sordid past in the occult, which was the reason her family was eventually forced to relocate. Anna never knew any of this however. Her father Gregory had attempted to find a way to provide for the family in the States the only way he knew how, as a stage magician. He was a master of the craft, and went by The Great Kazinsky.

Anna was enthralled by her father’s performances as a child, and always wanted to follow in his footsteps, trying to mimic his moves from an early age. It wasn’t until she was a teenager, when business was waning and the family was once again poor, that her father finally agreed to take her under his wing and teach her the family business. He seemed more and more nervous and reserved in those days, and finally stopped the show for reasons that Anna could not understand. He began to shut himself in his room more and more, and speak in riddles, making strange allusions to some danger or threat to him or the family, she did not ever know what exactly. Then one day he disappeared, much to the grief of her and her mother, who was not well, and died several year later. Anna always thought of sadness as much as the cancer that took her body.

At 16, and angry at her father, Anna stormed into his forbidden study, determined to find evidence of his whereabouts, despite a previous attempt by police. She found nothing. Then one night she had a strange dream about a secret room under the house; she awoke and went straight to a concealed button in the study, revealing a hidden basement floor. This was a Wizard’s workshop and study, and a magical illusion of her father greeted her. He had been waiting for her, waiting for her mind to reach the right age and unlock the family secret. She was directed to the Kazinsky Grimoire, an antique tome with all of the collected occult knowledge passed through the generations, as well as an account of the family’s secret history. They were members in some kind of coven or cult known as the Silent Hand back in medieval times and possibly even longer. The grimoire gives little detail on this, but makes numerous references to the Ebon Liberis, another collection of arcane knowledge and history, but despite her efforts to search the library she was unable to find this.

Anna studied the grimoire and books in the library as her father’s image had directed, and went through the lessons and experiments she read about, finally learning to unlock the power of words as others in her family had before her. She started to become reclusive as her father had, until her and her mother began to have problems getting enough to eat and paying for heat and electricity. Anna decided to use the only “real life” skill she knew as her father did, and tried out as a stage magician, landing minor jobs and opener performances as ‘The Great Tazanna’, barely making enough to get by. Until her mother died.

At 19, Anna was alone in the world. Necessity forced her to step it up, and before long she was working some regular hours as a performer at a circus doing contortion and escape artist routines, in addition to her random stage magician shows. As much as she enjoyed these, she felt hollow and empty inside, as if she had a purpose but hadn’t found it yet. She had magic…real magic…but saw no reason to use these powers to manipulate the world around her, something she felt was not right. That is, until her assistant and friend Katja was nearly the victim of a man who assaulted her in the alley behind the theater they most recently worked at. Her magic sprang to life nearly of it’s own accord, as she spoke the words of power backwards, a focus trick she had tried which was one of several suggested in her grimoire, and the only one which seemed to work for her. The would-be assailant was wrapped in luminous threads created from her spell, and a tip from Katja sent him into the waiting arms of the police, who had more than a few questions about the “mystery vigilante” who bound the criminal and fled the scene.

Anna had found her purpose..to help others who could not help themselves…and someday, Gods willing, perhaps she would find her father.


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