Prince Onra

High Councilor of Arzno


A tall, handsome Atlantean man with long hair and intense features. Often carries many implements, armor and weaponry from Arzno Mercenary Corps and Arzno Weapon Manufacturing.


As the third son of a noble Atlantean house, Prince Onra was freer than most members of his family to engage in the long tradition of his people- traveling the Megaverse as a champion of good and destroyer of evil in all it’s forms. Trained from a young age in the occupation of Undead Slayer, Onra was more prepared than many when the ragtag group he was traveling with on Rifts Earth was attacked by a host of vampires. As one of the original warriors that helped to found Arzno, Onra helped formulate the key strategies implemented to fight off the vampire menace through teamwork, communication, and techno-wizardry innovations. These ideologies are still some of the core principles observed in Arzno today.

Prince Onra

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