A D-Bee woman with a complicated past


An alien warrior from another dimension, Miaklissith Xiathatr was a guard captain in the capital city of Kopalia, the homeworld of her race, until disaster chanced to throw her into another dimension some years ago. She travelled with Lokan, Fluce, Tess, Selene Nightstar and others for years, eventually commanding the armies of New Ixotz against the Splugorth in a great war.


The death count for both the Splugorth and the Allied Kingdoms of Mexico was immense, both sides devastated, until endless seeming reinforcements began to arrive to aid the Splugorth. New Ixotz, and it’s people, were decimated. The self proclaimed “Empress of Ixotz” in Lokan’s absence, Shirley Banderez, and quite a few others of note may have survived the cities destruction, but many are still unconfirmed. Mia however, has recently arrived in the Hope Baronies in the company of Grecko Fratelli, appearing shell shocked and troubled, a side effect of her cruel torture and death at the hands of Splugorth Slavers if not from other sources as well.


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