Brian Fortunatus

Ludicrous Leprechaun



Name: Brian Fortunatus Race: Leprechaun (Creature of Magic/Nature) Age: 2,753 Sex: Male Height: 3’ ft 1" Weight: 43 lbs Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Build: Scrawny Alignment: Miscreant Humor Factor: 12


Ludicrous Mage
Level: 2
Total Exp: 2,600
Next Lvl: 4,601



Creature of Magic/Nature Horseshoes Red Ribbons Salt

Ludicrous Mage:



I.Q.: 12 M.E.: 20…..Save v. Psionics/Insanity: +3 M.A.: 14 P.S.: 15 P.P.: 20…..Strike/Parry/Dodge: +3 P.E.: 24…..Save v. Magic/Poison: +5…..Save v. Coma/Death: +18% P.B.: 8 Spd.: 23


Avail / Max / Temp
M.D.C.: 70
S.D.C: 40
HP: 66
ISP: -
PPE: 501 / 513 (3d6 per level)
Humor Factor: 13 (
1 @ 4,6,8)

O.C.C. Skills

Language – Faerie: 98% Language – Dragonesse: 98% Language – Latin: 80% + 3% = 83% Language – Americanese: 80% + 3% = 86% Literacy (Dragonese): 60% + 5/lvl = 70% Escape Artist: 40% + 5/lvl = 50% Math – Basic: 70% + 5/lvl = 80% Sing: 75% + 5/lvl = 85% Dance: 95% + 5/lvl = 105% Cardsharp: 38% + 4/lvl = 48% Play Musical Instrument: -Accordian: 50% + 5% = 60% -Fiddle: 50% + 5% = 60% -Flute (whistle) 50% +5% = 60% Make Balloon Animals/Monsters: 70 + 2% = 74% Clowning: 25% + 5% = 35% Monologue: 35% + 5% = 45% Acrobatics -Sense of Balance: 60% + 5% = 70% -Walk Tightrope: 60 + 3% = 66% -Climb Rope: 80 + 2% = 84% -Back Flip: 60% +5% = 70% Gymnastics -Work Parallel Bars/Rings 60% + 3% = 66% -Back Flip: 70% + 2% = 74% H2H Expert WP Paired WP Sword WP Targeting WP Quick Draw WP Energy Pistol Sense Secret Compartment/Doors (automatic): 65%

O.C.C Related Skills

Prowl: 55% + 5/lvl = 65% Streetwise: 59% + 4/lvl = 66% Palming: 69% + 5/lvl = 79% Lore (Pre-Rifts): 35% + 5/lvl = 45% (Special, lived on pre-rifts earth from ~500 B.C. to 1967 A.D.) Lore: Magic: 35% + 5/lvl = 45% Boxing

Secondary Skills (0)

Wilderness Survival: 60% + 5/lvl = 70% Climb: 80/70% + 5/lvl = 90%/80% Concealment: 60% + 4/lvl = 68% Athletics


Skills do not increase with experience

Basic Electronics 70% Faerie Lore 90% Land Navigation 55% Locksmith 40% Computer Operation 55% Pick Pockets 82% Preserve Food 60% Recognize Precious Metal/Stones 96% Track Animals 40% Sense Secret Compartment/Doors (automatic): 65%

Special Abilities
Sense Secret Door/Compartment (automatic) @ 64%
1) Channel Magic like a Ley Line Walker
2) Invisibility (at will)
3) Can drink 6 TIMES body weight in alcohol before getting drunk
4) Keen Normal Vision
5) Spells – (once per 24 hours on others or unlimited on self, costs no P.P.E.)

-Escape -Chameleon -Charismatic Aura -Detect Concealment -Concealment -Reduce Self to 6 inches -Fools Gold

1) Humor Factor

The Humor Factor is like Horror Factor of Awe Factor, except it’s funny. The mage starts with a Humor Factor of 8+1D4. (+1 at level 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 15.)Note: Bonuses to save vs Horror Factor also apply to saves vs Humor Factor.
2) Monologue

A monologue is a humorous story or a stand-up comedy skit capable of amusing up to thousands of people. It may be used to pass time, send a moral message or as pure entertainment. A successful skill roll means that the Ludicrous Mage has captured the crowd with his entertainment and all are having a jolly good time. Base Skill: 35% 5% per level of experience ( 10% bonus if the Mage has an M.A. of 21 or higher; +5% if P.B. is 18 or more).

A failed roll means the timing is off and the jokes are bad, old, offensive, or the crowd s imply doesn’t get the mage’s sense of humor. When this occurs, there is also a chance that the crowd will start a brawl because the mage picked the wrong subject to joke about, such as a monologue that stereotypes D-Bees, Dwarves, or whomever, when the crowd is primarily composed of those people and/or their supporters. An offended crowd could put the mage in grave danger, therefore , the G.M. should decide on the gravity of the situation and how they may respond. Roll on the following table:

1-20 An angry crowd hisses, boos, heckles and shouts serious threats. If the Mage does not get off stage within the next 1d4+1 minutes, they will start throwing rocks, sticks and even knives, along with mud, rotten fruit and vegetables. The Mage will suffer 306+6 points of damage (M .D.C. or S. D.C. as is appropriate). 21-40 A brawl breaks out between 206 people in the crowd. Every few minutes an additional 106 people join the conflict. Everybody is now fixed on the fighting and don’t even hear the Ludicrous Mage anymore. Time for the Mage to exit, stage left, before he gets blamed for the trouble or is hurt in the brawl. 41-60 Offended listeners attack. That’s right, 1D4+ 1people from the audience climb the stage and attack the Mage. These can be two-bit hoodlums or peasant farmers to mercenary fighters, soldiers or just about anybody. Thankfully they are not out to kill, only to extract their own brutal pound of justice, so the Ludicrous Mage may only suffer a beating or tar and feathering. Otherwise the Mage may try to defend himself or flee, but the former (defending) is likely to encourage 1d6 friends or sympathizing members of the audience to join the first group in “getting the Mage” and a serious fight could ensue (perhaps involving the other player characters). Fleeing will get a big laugh from the audience and the 1d4+1 ruffians will give up pursuit after only two me lee rounds (30 seconds); they made their point and are satisfied with themselves. 61-70 “Lynch the Mage!” is shouted from the audience and 1d6+6 people from the crowd (typically aggressive nonhuman or warrior types) leap on th e stage to do just that. The Mage is in a fight for his life! If he is smart, he (and the members of the player group) will try to make a hasty escape and run for it. The lynch mob will give pursuit for 2D6 minutes before giving up. However, if they see the Mage later (or any of his “friends” they may recognize) they will renew their attack with deadly intent. It’s best to leave town, and we mean NOW! Exit stage right and through the back alleys. 71-80 Riot! No kidding!! The Mage sparks a riot that sweeps through I D4x I 0% of the town, causing people to be injured, property damage and looting. The Mage will suffer 2D4x I 0 points of damage (M.D.C. or S.D.C. as is appropriate) in the ensuing carnage. Furthermore, the authorities may hold him personally liable for the damages (get outta town fast before the Mage finds himself imprisoned, stripped of all possessions or worse)! 81-00 No violence, but a disappointed crowd quickly disperses amid boos and cat-calls. Within ID4 minutes the Mage is telling jokes to himself. Boy, can this stinker offal routine empty a place. If this has caused all or most of the patrons in a tavern or similar place of business to leave, the owner of the establishment will be none too happy. Not only will he refuse to pay the entertainer, but is likely to charge him for the loss of business (at least ID4x I 00 credits or gold) and may have him physically tossed out on his ear by bouncers or burly cousin Ned. Best to cut one’s losses and be glad nobody got hurt (other than the Mage’s pride).

3) Unnerving Laugh

While in combat, the Ludicrous Mage can use an extremely annoying and/or menacing and unnerving laugh that has the potential of debilitating anyone who hears it. This slightly high-pitched and seemingly endless laughter has an audible radius of 500 feet (152 m), but only those within a 30 foot (9 m) radius suffer any penalties.

Range: 30 feet (9 meters); affects all who hear it. Duration: One minute (4 melee rounds) + 1 melee round per level of experience. Saving Throw: Special. Those within 30 feet (9 meters) must roll to save vs temporary insanity – roll 16 or higher. Damage/ Penalties: Those who fail to save are -3 to all combat maneuvers (initiative, strike, parry, dodge, etc.) and reduce the number of attacks per melee by half. In addition, those who are trying to perform a skill will suffer from a -20% penalty. P.P.E.: 8 P.P.E. required to perform the Unnerving Laugh.

Note: Those who are in vehicles, power armor, or have anything that can prevent them from hearing the annoying laugh are not affected.
4) Make Balloon Animals & Monsters

With balloons, the Ludicrous Mage can bind a few together to resemble an animal or a monster. A failed roll means that the balloon popped. It requires one melee round (15 seconds) to make a balloon animal/ monster. This skill is used mostly to captivate an audience momentarily. Base Skill: 60% +2% per level of experience (characters with a P.P. of 19 or higher are + 10%). Note: The spell “Create Balloon Animals/Monsters” magically creates balloons and molds them into specific shapes, while this is a “skill” that uses actual balloons.
5) Clowning (special)

This is the act of making a joke, hilarious gestures, pratfalls, funny faces, or stupid comments. A successful roll means that those who are “entertained” must save Vs Humor Factor. A failed roll means that the mage didn’t nail the punchline or the clowning gesture wasn’t all that funny.
Base Skill: 20% 5% per level of experience ( 15% if the Mage has an M.A. of 20 or higher and +5% if P.P. is 20 or higher).
6) Spell Knowledge

Unlike other magic users, the Ludicrous Mage’s magic knowledge is limited to Ludicrous Magic and only a handful of common Wizard spells. The mage starts with 8+1d6 Ludicrous Spells selected from levels 1-4 and ID4 Wizards spells selected from levels 1-3. At each level of experience thereafter, the mage may select an additional three Ludicrous spells up to one level above his current level of experience or two Wizard Spells from levels 1-3.
7) Base P.P.E.

M.E. attribute x3 + 3d6x10. The Ludicrous Mage will gain an additional 3D6 P.P.E. per each level of experience.

Ludicrous Magic (14)

Ludicrous Spells

Atomic Wedgy (4) (level 1) Scents Magic (2) (level 1, like the mage spell) Aura of Feebleness (6) (level 2) Flashing Trench Coat (5) (level 2) Similar to blinding flash Knock Knock Knocker (6) (level 2) Pies (varies) (level 3) Seltzer Bottle (15) (level 3) Turn Water into Beer (6 or 10)(level 3) Water Dump (8) (level 3) Blissful Confusion (7) (level 4) Bubble Gum Stick-um (8) (level 4) Funny Glasses (10) (level 4) like see aura and see the invisible Plunger Gun (21) (level 4) Water Balloons (varies) (level 4)

Wizard Spells (limited to levels 1-3)

Globe of Daylight (2) Level 1 Cleanse (6) Level 2 Mystic Alarm (5) Level 2 Throwing Stones (5) Level 2 Armor of Ithan (10) Level 3 Breathe Without Air (5) Level 3 Impervious to Fire (5) Level 3


(once per 24 hours on others or unlimited on self, costs no P.P.E.)

Escape Chameleon Charismatic Aura Detect Concealment Concealment Reduce Self Fools Gold

H2H (Expert)

Attacks Per Melee: 5 (6?)
K.O./Stun: n/a
Critical On:
Deathblow: n/a

(W.P. Bonuses NOT Included)

Initiative:+ 7 (Faerie, Leprechaun, Quick Draw) Damage:+ Strike:+ 6 (Faerie) +7 w/swords +7 w/thrown (W.P. Targeting) Parry:+ 10 (Faerie, Leprechaun) +11 w/swords +12 w/sword of sharpness Dodge:+ 10 (Faerie, Leprechaun) Pull Punch:+ 5 (Faerie) Entangle: Disarm: Roll with Punch/Impact:+ 6 (Faerie, Leprechaun)

Hand to Hand Attacks

Restrained Punch: Normal Punch: Power Punch: (counts as two attacks) Normal Kick: Leap Kick: n/a Tackle: Flip throw:


+2 to all saves for being a Faerie!
Physical Saves

(Add P.E. Bonus)
Vs. Lethal Toxin:(14) + 7 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Non-Lethal Toxin:(16) + 7 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Harmful Drugs:(15) + 7
Vs. Disease:(14) + 7 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Electrocution:(18/14) + 7 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Extreme Temp:(16) + 7 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Pain:(16/14) + 7 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Coma/Death: + 7 ….(Faerie)
Magical Saves

(Add P.E.. Bonus)
Vs. Spell Magic:(12) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Ritual Magic:(16) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Ward Magic:(14) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Circle Magic:(16) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Faerie Magic:(16) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Magic fumes:(14) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Protection Circles:(16) + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Possession: + 10 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun)
Vs. Ludicrous: + 13 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun, Ludicrous)
Mental Saves

(Add M.E. Bonus)
Vs. Insanity:(12) + 5 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Psionics:(10) + 5 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Mind Control: + 5 ….(Faerie)
Vs. Horror Factor: + 12 ….(Faerie, Leprechaun, Ludicrous)
Vs. Illusions: + 7 ….(Faerie, Ludicrous)

Weapon Proficiencies

Strike:+ 1 1 @ 1,3,6,9,12] Parry: 0 1 @ 2,4,7,10,13] When Thrown: 0 [+1 @ 4,8,12]
Targeting (thrown)

Strike:+ 1 [+1 @ 1,3,7,10)
Energy Pistol

On Hand

Gold – 500

Inventory (on hand/in chest)

Fairy Chest Accordion Fiddle Cane of Metamorphosis (faerie sized): 50 PPE, regenerates 2 P.P.E. per hour. can be used as a PPE battery and can channel PPE into it to use abilities. -Self: Human like the spell @ 10th level -Others: Toad, like metamorphosis animal @ 10th level. Save vs. Magic or be cursed and turned into a toad (last 1d4 hours) Magic Short Sword of Sharpness: 3d6+3 MD, +1 to Parry, 100 MDC, never dulls or dents Cloak of Protection: AR 12, 50 MDC Fairy Food: Misc. make-up kit (usually 5 bright colors) 48 pieces of bubble gum 2 packs of 25 balloons Scroll Case with one of each known spell Tome of Magic: All Ludicrous Magic Energy Pistol: 3d6 MD 5 extra P.P.E. clips 1 large sack 1 small sacks Canteen Flashlight

Clothing (worn)

Boots Cloak w/hood Fancy Red Clothing Flute (worn in belt) Rune Weapon (Mortegeist, sp?) Top Hat 1 Small Sack Magic Wand (used like a cane)

Magic Items (in stash)

Magic Cane -bone ring -bone armor -Oragami (11) -Raven Bone Fan -Bone Helm -Whip of Pain -Magic Tent -Skin of plentiful water

Other (in stash)
In Dwelling

Celestial Calligraphy paper and ink 2 colorful hats, One set of colorful clothing (blue) knapsack backpack pens and pencils (or graphite sticks and chalk) coloring crayons (box of 220 colors) Drawing Paper And 2D4 personal items (like a frying pan). Vehicle of choice:


XP Table

Demigods & High Elves
I – 0,000 – 2,400
2 – 2,401-4,600
3 – 4,601 – 9,200
4 – 9,201-18,400
5 – 18,401-28,300
6 – 28,301-48,000
7 – 48,001 – 78,000
8 – 78,001-110,000
9 – 110,001-150,000
10 – 150,001-200,000
I1 – 200,001 – 250,000
12 – 250,001-310,000
13 – 310,001-380,000
14 – 380,001 – 470,000
15 – 470,001-600,00


Brian Fortunatus

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