Katherine Banderez

Lokan's Mother


A raven-haired latina woman of middle age, this dark eyed beauty has the tan-skin-turned-pale of a Mexican vampire. She has a quiet, sullen demeanor, the sad resolve of a woman who was broken long before her death and change into a vampire.


Katherine was born and raised in a small village in northern Mexico. All her life she dreamed of moving north to the borderlands, to the protection the Rio Grande supposedly offered from the vampire menace that had caused her town fear and anguish since she was a young girl. When she met a young, attractive and rich traveler from somewhere far away, she mistakenly believed that this was her chance to be free. He was intelligent, handsome, and a perfect gentleman, wooing her and staying in the village for a short while until his affections were finally returned. Once he had bedded her down however, the stranger immediately changed, vanishing after a warning that she must carry the child to term or suffer dire consequences, hinting at his true nature- a supernatural being of immense power named Acronius Flamewing.

Katherine Banderez

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