Jimmy Valentino

Lokan's Earle


A young prodigy with a punk style and major issues with authority.


Turned over by the Lazlo College of Magick to Lokan as a ward as part of a deal between them. Apparently, Jimmy had far too much natural talent as a Ley Line Walker to not be accepted when his peasant parents petitioned them. His strong Anarchist views and tendency to play with fire (he is also a powerful Burster) caused the College to spend a lot of time keeping him on the straight and narrow, an effort they consider to have failed. They saw Lokan’s proposed deal with them as a chance to get rid of him. From that time until his death, Jimmy served Lokan and The Brood faithfully…with help in no small part from Lokan’s mind control powers when Jimmy’s behavior got out of hand.

Jimmy was resurrected by Lokan a number of times after failed missions and reckless deaths; the most recent time was at the hands of The Exiles, and Lokan has not yet brought him back to life again.

Jimmy Valentino

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