Gang princess from the Magic Zone


An attractive young woman that is obviously used to getting what she wants and doing whatever it takes to get it. Janna shows all the signs of a hardened survivor, and one that will not let fear get in the way of her aspirations. She clearly has been through much, and been very lucky..or determined..to get through unscathed; at least from a physical standpoint.


Taken from Effing Pig in Kentucky to New Hope in the Colorado Baronies by Savvas the Minotuar, Janna was the girlfriend of Marsh, leader of The Colonels, a small time gang on the edge of the Magic Zone until he was brutally eviscerated by a member of the Exiles. Janna, a young Human, seems a willing participant in Savvas’ activities with her, certainly the jewelry and fine clothing he lavishes upon her, though what price she pays for her avarice in Savvas’ bed chambers in the dead of night none but she can say.


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