An amnesiac with the potential to be a god's avatar


“What can I do? I don’t know. Let’s find out.”


This strange Elf might possibly be Lictalon Incarnate. Lictalon was either a God or a hero of the ancient Palladium World, depending upon where you look and who you ask. Since it seems very likely that he may return to the world in a new body, possibly even his, Jackson has adopted the God ideology.

Having awoken in a hidden chamber somewhere on the Palladium World with complete amnesia, Jackson has traveled far in his struggle for the truth of his past. He recently discovered that he was not alone; there was another like him, a lost relic of the past, who may have been prepared long ago to become the vessel of a dead god, just as Jackson may have. This “brother”, Jargo, was everything Jackson was not. Twisted, evil and insane, Jargo shared a similar past, but was working toward the opposite end: To take the power this dead god could offer, while destroying everything that he once was to bring about the return of an ancient evil; an evil that the god Lictalon fought to destroy.

How it came to pass that a man prepared to become a vessel of the same god in what must have been a very similar way…may be an even greater mystery.

Carries the rune sword Frostcarver.


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