Goddess of the Underworld


This goddess was another one of Tiamat’s and Apsu’s servants. She was in charge of the souls of the dead and she retained that position after the two Elder Gods had been defeated. Ereshkigal is a cruel, sadistic goddess. Once she gets her clutches on any being, god or mortal, she will not release him unless forced or tricked into doing so. The goddess Ishtar and her mate Tarnmuz both suffered horribly at her hands, and the other gods dislike her intensely but have never decided to take action against her.

Unknown to the rest of the Pantheon, Ereshkigal is working with Tiamat, providing her with information about the other gods in return for gifts and services. Ereshkigal does not want much beyond control of her realm, but craves for more helpless victims (godly and mortal) she can imprison in her hellish dimension. Careless dimensional travelers can stumble into her realm and even gods find it very difficult to escape her. Ereshkigal would also like to expand her realm, at the expense of the many evil entities that live in Hades. She might covertly work with any force to get what she wants.



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