Earle Flaggerty

Professional Lackey


Earle Flaggerty. Master of half-assed house cleaning. Skilled in the arts of drunkenness, naps and attacks of the munchies. A very punctual man, he has never missed a meal, or a date with one of the friendly, outgoing ladies who frequent the street corners of the southwest side of Hope. When barricaded behind walls, armed with a weapon, and while others are taking enemy aggro, his courage and fearlessness know no bounds.


While he started with rather lowly roots, the vagrant son of a Testament farmer, he has achieved his dream: to do absolutely nothing, for as much of his time as possible. Working for Alaric as a manservant, he has little expectation other than to clean a house that is rarely used, shop for groceries, and send the occasional message about town. To his horror, he has recently been asked to go on a more interesting mission, acting as Alaric’s voice in another dimension, but was releived to discover that 99% of this would be taken care of by another agent, leaving him free most of the time to enjoy yachting and of course napping.

Earle Flaggerty

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