The Boingo Borg

Didn't he leave or...?


Name: Charlie…or was it Bob?
Alignment: Miscreant
O.C.C.: Borg
Level: 2

Natural Abilities: Deific Regeneration, Deific Reincarnation

Through some bizarre twist of fate that only the Gods could possibly comprehend, Charlie or Bob the Boingo Borg, once nothing more than a dim-witted drug dealing gang member, suddenly gained the ability to return from death. He has died a number of times, but strangely, neither he nor anyone else he’s encountered has ever noticed in any way other than occasionally a momentary “Wait, isn’t he…?” and perhaps a resigned shrug. He himself has never shown any sign of questioning his many resurrections.


A partial conversion full conversion borg. Partially full conversion.

The Boingo Borg

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