Basil Guillotine

Master Wizard of Esanon


A member of the Council of Wizards, the ruling body of the Esanon Wizard’s Guild. Basil Guillotine is a persnickity little Gnome, with a fairly good nature and sense of humor, although he has the occasional grumpy mood, especially if he hasn’t had as much time as he’d like to focus on his first love: A good book, a good smoke, and a comfy chair by the fire.


When the city of Esanon on the world of Palladium was encapsulated by the Gods and it’s people exiled to Earth, the wizards of the city’s magic guild were more prepared than most. The Tower of Esanon that housed the guild had previously been enchanted, making it possible to move the tower through powerful teleportation magic. The xenophobic mages within did not allow the rest of the transplanted citizens within it’s walls, instead unceremoniously teleporting away to whereabouts unknown upon reaching Earth.

Basil is one of the few wizards of the guild who is less closed-minded to strangers, and even took the young scholar-mage William Danbury under his wing as a pupil, though the constant movement of the tower has caused problems with this, and teacher and student have not seen one another for some time now.

Basil Guillotine

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