The Exiles

The Godlings: Check Your Instruments

  • The Egyptian, Greek and Norse pantheons go to war. A plan is hatched to prevent further bloodshed..a plan involving the player characters, a secret dimension used by the gods for convenient travel, and a pact conjoining the player characters in the style of The Running Man!
  • A trio of Godlings or powerful minions of the gods are chosen from each of the three pantheons. Cleo of Ma’Ip, Kraig of Ma’Ip and a son of Thoth are chosen for the Egyptians, a powerful giant, a bestial warrior and a _______ for the Norse, and a _________, _________ and _______ for the Greeks.
  • Each of the Godlings is fitted with a custom-made magical collar, created by Hephaestus, Thoth and possibly others. These collars seem to be indestructible and impossible to remove (so far). The collars appear to prevent any of the Godlings from physically moving far away from the rest of the group, unless at least one member of the other two pantheons also accompanies them. Doing otherwise seems to cause great pain, discomfort and disorientation to the wearer who attempted it the longer and farther they do so. The effect seems to vary depending on the situation, leading some to suspect that the collars are actively monitored and responded to by the gods themselves, or perhaps by other minions. It has been suggested that failure to observe this restriction for long could even kill the wearer(s).
  • The Godlings are deposited in a dimension known as The Citadel of the Towers. As it’s name suggests, it is a small island consisting of a plaza surrounded by four ancient towers, another circle of four towers surrounding that, each representing a compass point. Each of the towers is composed entirely of a different material, each with furnishings inside making them adequate living quarters. Each of the towers in the inner circle seems to have some unique implement, such as a reflective pool that may inspire visions in one, or a magical forge in another. The outer circle towers are each topped with a large instrument, a flute on one, a harp on another, and a large drum and horn on the remaining two.
  • Visions from the pool, one of the Godling’s psychic powers as well as some rather reckless yet useful experimentation seem to indicate that each of the tower instruments have some control over the elements; at the very least, they seem to be capable of summoning and binding elementals, each one of the four types of elements being represented by one of the four instruments. Another psychic vision suggests that doing so with all four instruments at once, perhaps at the right time or with other components in effect, can summon forth or create some kind of powerful being. Whether this is for good or ill none can yet say.
  • There are several beings that have accompanied the Godlings to their new “home”, and others that have come to visit. A huge beastly dragon variant of passive temperment lingers and quietly watches the group, while a small obnoxious demon hangs out in the plaza making comments and insulting nearly everyone present. The Norse Giant nearly trapped him in a magic chest before throwing it along with it’s mysterious contents into the sea, causing many to wish the imp had not escaped, nearly as much as they wished to know what it contained. Another visitor was Hermes, the Greek Messenger god. He commented on his love of the Citidel for it’s convenient travel circles to other locations, which he says he has used for thousands of years.
  • Hermes notes that the Godlings are floundering a bit on what they should do, and comments that one of the magic circles of travel leads to Splynn, a fabulous city of wealth and magic. He suggests we go see it for lack of anything better to do. The player characters decide that this is not such a bad idea, and before long they are touring Splynn by airship. During the trip they briefly encounter Set on his own airship; whether this is by chance or design is unknown.
  • It is suggested to the party that the Preserves of Atlantis would make an interesting distraction, as it is purposely filled with monsters, animals and “escaped” slaves, making it the perfect environment for hunters who are willing to pay the price. We were. Rather than finding monsters however, the party was attacked by what may have been runaway slaves. Left with little choice, the party destroyed many of them, sending others fleeing for their lives.


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