The Exiles

The Godlings: In Mother Russia, Slave Hunts You

  • As several of the godlings continue to hunt in The Preserves, the rest relax and shmooze in one of the many decadent lounges of Splynn. Kraig of Ma’Ip manages to attach himself to some kind of female demon, while his companions meet some other interesting characters.
  • The party hunting in The Preserves begins tracking new prey, with the help of the wilderness-worthy Norse godling in their group. He does find his quarry, but it ends up being a huge Russian man from another dimension, possibly Heroes Unlimited Earth. Utilizing some amazing natural abilities, he has managed to avoid or defeat multiple hunting parties tracking him from Splynn. When he agrees to help us hunt, the situation is reversed as other hunters appear at his cave looking for him, and we are the ones helping him.
  • The Russian man’s hideout is a secluded cave; the party fights those who hunt him there, a group of gargoyles and gurgoyles lead by a gargoyle mage. Hephaestus’ son and the Norse Giant do the most damage against these resilient enemies as the rest of the group tries to pick away at them. The Russian seems invulnerable, and destroys foe after foe without taking any damage! He also seems to have a very limited teleportation power.
  • The Gargoyle Mage attempts to escape with a teleport, but one of our Shifters tracks him and leads us straight to his manse in Splynn.
  • We have a manse in Splynn.


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