The Exiles

The Alts: The Eye of the Tiger

  • The party travels south in search of the source of the vampire menace. They camp along the Great Trade Road with a group of friendly cowboys, then pass through Joseph City and learn of other settlements nearby; the Papago Indians to the southwest, towns called Clarksdale Confederacy and Pheonix to the south/southwest, and confirm that the towns of Bisbee and Fort Tombstone lie south/southeast. After checking the layout, they head out on the south trail for Bisbee.
  • On the way to Bisbee, the group comes across a nasty monster, some kind of plant-like burrower that lies in wait for prey to walk over it, like a venus fly trap. Little Onion makes short work of it utilizing his paralyzing breath attack.
  • Our heroes then come across a leyline that crosses the trail. An insane leyline walker is within, and insists both that he is a god, and that this is HIS leyline, making the party foolish tresspassers indeed. Naraka, in his creepy Yin Tiger form, convinces that madman that he too is a god, and manages to find out that Malificus the Great, as he calls himself, was once a resident of a small community near Bisby, but something tragic befell him; someone close to him was murdered by vampires. His insanity may be a result of this. Naraka convinced him that he must make a pilgrimage to Hope in the Colorado Baronies, and speak with Lokan, the God Who Hates Vampires. The poor fool agreed, and with a ring of invisibility in hand that Naraka gave him, went off on his grand adventure.
  • Pressing on through the night in an attempt to make good time reaching Bisbee, the party is suddenly ambushed by a large swarm of vampires in bat form. Naraka mind controls some of them, enough to convince them that he is an ally that wishes to join with their Master. The vampires leave, presumably to tell their maker this message. Naraka continues to Bisbee alone, asking the others to meet up with him in the Petrified Forest. “I have a plan. Trust me.”
  • On his own now, Naraka heads to Bisbee. A phalanx of vampires and day protectors await him on the outskirts, and escort him into the town where the Master awaits. The two speak, and Naraka spins a tale of his desire for three magic items that are held within the walls of Arzno, items he desires for himself. He portrays himself as a temporary ally, and proposes an attack on Arzno in two days time, using all the vampires from Bisbee as well as an army he himself will provide.
  • Meanwhile, the rest of the group is travelling to Joseph City, but run across more Bisbee vampires, looking for the others they spotted with Naraka. They descend and attack, and Freddy quickly casts a Globe of Daylight, but the vampires begin to use psionics, leaving little doubt the heroes will be overcome. Suddenly, a military helicopter flies in from the distance, shining floodlights upon the vampires, the shadow of a cross hitting them, sending them in all directions, and shooting railguns that seem to be super effective. The chopper lands, and several armored men get out, revealing the colors of Arzno Mercenary Corps as they approach. Checking on the party’s contract and finding everything in order, they wish them luck and lift off again in search of more targets.


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