The Exiles

The Alts: That's No Vampire, That's an Entity


  • We signed contracts with a bunch of paper-pushing, policy-obsessed mercs. Since when were mercs obsessed with rules?
  • We borrowed a wagon and bulky clothes and set off to be bait
  • We split the party to go get firewood (James, Naraka, and Onion / the others)
  • The ones back at home get approached by a ghosty thing, which gets blown up
  • Naraka returns to get the firwood, sees some tentacly thing going boom boom boom out in the darkness. It runs off.
  • We go to bed, something approaches us at night.
  • Naraka lights up 2 vampires
  • James dominates 1 vamp
  • Wheels chops 1 vamp and runs off with its head
  • Other people do things
  • We interrogate James’s vamp


That’s no moon. It’s a space station.

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