The Exiles

The Alts: Lucky Charms

Frogs of the New West

  • In the Petrified Forest, Timur goes to scout the area and find the location with the most positive Chi in preparation for his vampire ambush plan. Unfortunately a Leprechaun was spying on him and used powerful faerie magic to change him into a frog! He snatches him up, along with all of his gear, and stashes them in a magic chest. Timur soon escapes, and spends some time contemplating amphibious things in a nearby stream until the magic wears off.
  • Our heroes gather together again and with the help of James, head back to Arzno to turn in their bounty, which ended up being over a hundred thousand credits.
  • The party meets with Prince Onra, head of the Arzno Council, who debriefs them personally. They update him on the true nature of the vampire situation in Arizona. He tells the group that Arzno is indebted to them, and urges them to continue the fight, offering more money and resources in the form of a techno-wizard fire truck.
  • Prince Onra identifies Freddy as a True Atlantean, and offers to teach him more about his people in a completely non-gay way.
  • The Doctor appears while the party is making their final plan on how to deal with the two vampire controlled towns to the south. He informs them that not all of the residents of Bisbee are evil, and makes an offer. If the party can somehow deliver the citizens to a location southwest of the town, he will ensure they are safe. He pressures the group to do this in his friendly, knowing way, then mumbles something about how interesting it is to “see how it started” before vanishing again into the alleys of Arzno.


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