The Exiles

Tessalynn's Game


Tess lounges in her nest, absent-mindedly scrawling symbols with her claw then applying prepared substances. She yawns and fishes a small trinket out of her hoard, then places it in front of the symbols with a smile.

“Let’s play a game. I’m going to make a series of increasingly complicated wards and meta-wards. The first to correctly guess what each does will get a reward…but there’s a catch. Guess incorrectly and you’ll reward me with something of equal value for my stash. Feel like taking a chance and putting your knowledge to the test? Who knows- maybe we can all learn something in the process.”

Feeling lucky? Be the first to correctly guess what this ward combination was meant to do and win a Luck Token for my campaign. Guess incorrectly and lose a Luck Token. I’m planning to send a series of these that are increasingly difficult, yep I’m bored!


Phil guessed it close enough to win the luck token. Solution: Any humanoid who touches the ground within 100 feet of the ward will become visible if invisible.

Tess frowns just for a split second as she slides the trinket over to you, then smiles again. “I see we’re going to have to step up the game, that was too easy!” she eyes her hoard protectively.

Tessalynn's Game
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