The Exiles

The Alts: Spooky Ghosts

  • The party got directions from a vampire, decided to actually follow them.
  • The Waste appears to be the most fertile, lush valley any of the party members have ever seen on the continent so far. It would probably be excellent for hunting and foraging, if it weren’t for..
  • Spooooky ghosts! Specters of the long dead cover the landscape in the heart of The Waste, reliving moments of their lives in what can only be the pre-rifts Golden Age of Man. They do not seem to notice anything apart from their normal routines until…
  • Blood curdling screams! Some other kind of entities were also in The Waste, lingering near the other spirits; as the party approached they began to shriek, and all of the ghosts began to relive the terror of the Apocolypse and the Coming of the Rifts. The screams were debilitating, draining the party mentally and physically, and drawing the attention of nearby Possessing Entities, until destroyed with weapons invested with Chi energy, or forced under Naraka’s control.
  • We leave The Waste and make for a petrified forest to the east and discover a vampire nest in a cave. Broxx is very nearly torn limb from limb, but the others fly in and thanks to some quick thinking, trap the vampires and easily destroy them.
  • One vampire is left alive to tell the tale; he confirms they were created by a “General Xavier”.


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