The Exiles

The Alts: It's Raining Ewoks

  • The Doctor attempts to diffuse the imminent conflict between Bisbee’s vampire protectors, the Arznoite cowboys and the player characters, but fails miserably despite his way with words. He narrowly avoids death by darting into The Tardis.
  • Our heroes, lead by Alexei and Freddy, fight to free Bisbee from it’s vampire masters, and do so successfully. However, after the celebration that evening, the real threat emerges: A second vampire brood, this one an organized army under the control of “General” Xavier Stuart, a former Coalition Officer.
  • The party battles vampires in the streets, protecting as many civilians as possible, aided by the TW Fire Truck and Storm Flares provided by Arzno.
  • Many armed, armored and organized vampires march into the town from the west. Naraka and Brian Fortunatus bravely face them head on.


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