The Exiles

The Alts: Hey, Jude, Don't Make It Bad

  • Samwell (and…friends?) say farewell, escorting the remnants of the waylaid caravan back to safety.
  • A prospector offers us some juicy info on a faerie treasure horde nearby in exchange for a small cut of the profits. Sure..we’ll be right back..with your money. Yeah that’s it.
  • We interrogated a vampire. Another one. This one was slightly less uninformed than the last. The Master Vampire, who calls himself General Xavier, is apparently a very tricky customer, concealing his hideout with extreme secrecy.
  • The vampire spoke of a contact they were supposed to meet named Jude. The party set up camp to wait for this contact to arrive.
  • Tired of waiting, the group went to investigate the treasure rumour. They encountered a faerie which was distracted through the employment of a dragon hatchling, Alexei’s storytelling, and a healthy dose of alcohol.
  • They discovered a faerie grove hidden in the northern end of the Petrified Forest, but seeing it full of faeries, the party wisely retreated. While on the way back to the caves, they detected someone approaching the camp.
  • Ambush Ambushed! A group of vampires comes out of the trees, seemingly directed by a group of Cyber-Knights, lead by Ser Jude. Calling themselves the Black Swords, they had apparently made a pact with General Xavier to assist the vampires’ attack on the New West. This was secretly the maddened Ser Jude’s desperate and misguided attempt to force the hand of the Cyber-Knights to face the threat of the Vampire Kingdoms. After Naraka changed form into the Yin Tiger, he quickly took control of the vampires with his powers over the undead, turning them against the knights. Dirkreeting One-Handed executed the leaders himself, seeing it as his solemn duty as a Cyber-Knight. In the end the party had mixed feelings about Jude’s efforts, and were a bit saddened that his seemingly honorable companion must die as well.
  • The battle was hopefully not for nothing, as Jude indicated the area he strongly suspects the Master’s lair lies in.


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