The Exiles

The Alts: Off to Arzno

we don't take kindly to your types around here

  • We have dinner at Naraka’s to talk over the vampire adventure
  • Little Onion steals Goethe’s credchip, and slips it in Freddy’s pocket.
  • Naraka starts teaching Little Onion a mudra
  • We ride out in the grand carriage pulled by 6 undead elk
  • We ride up to the Iron Horse, confronting some Psi Stalkers who say they want to murder the dragon and who say they’ll see us in Durango which isn’t such neutral territory.
  • We get reminded that they don’t take kindly to black magic around the Iron Dragon.
  • We ride the Iron Horse (Grigory steals the tickets, then Little Onion steals some of them from him)
  • We go to a saloon in Durango for an expensive meal.
  • Ian tells the sherriff about the Psi Stalkers, is reminded that we don’t take kindly to black magic around here.
  • Josh plays piano for everyone
  • Outside of Durango, the Psi Stalkers confront us as promised, get blown up.
  • Ian makes the survivors promise to not kill dragons any more, and not attack us either
  • Later on the trip, we run into a group of mages. Little Onion steals their guns, then while they confront us about the guns, steals their soup. It all gets returned.
  • We make it to Arzno.


In the old west, good guys wore white, bad guys wore black. A man was once shot for stealing a man’s soup.

The Alts: Off to Arzno
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